Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Work Anniversary!

Every day when I log on to LinkedIn I see the various status updates from my connections. One that often crosses the screen is the work anniversary. A couple of years ago I missed seeing that update on my account but today that changed as it has now been exactly one year since I returned to my chosen profession.

I still remember the moment that I met my boss for the first time. There was something very different about that interview as she had a genuine interest in not only my work history but who I was and why I enjoyed working in PR. I am not your usual PR professional so being able to talk at length about what I am able to do and how I apply my trade was something that I was glad to share. It was during that interview when I realized that she was looking for something more than just an employee.

This was in stark contrast to the PR environment that I first started in while working in Manhattan. There it is commonplace for people to jump from job to job, firm to firm, just to move up and change things around. That is not what I wanted. I enjoy the profession but that part always seemed against my character. Call me old fashion but I always wanted to work at a company where I could stay for a long time.

A couple of months later, she brought me in for another interview. I still remember walking into the barren office space, announcing myself when I walked into the empty room, and finally being able to sit in the conference room and talk things over with her again. While we had only met once before, we picked up the conversation as if we had shared the same office for years.

I was excited to get started and to rejoin those who occupied the day light hours and enjoy going to the office every day to apply the skills that I have acquired over the years. This office, this company, was a fresh start for both of us and while it has been a lot of work during this past year, I have enjoyed every minute of every day (despite the occasional gripes). It is nice to once again take pride in my work and feel a sense of ownership at the end of the day.

My work anniversary coincides with the company anniversary and to see what we have all built together is something that I take great pride in. While there have been a lot of changes over the past year it is nice to have this one constant offering some stability to the craziness. The year has flown by and I am looking forward to many more years working for the same company and enjoying every day at the office.

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