Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Little Extra

As you have rad time and again on this blog, lately I have been trying to push for participation from my fellow brothers and each time they have come through. Last night thy came through again. This should not be a surprise to anyone familiar with freemasonry but

Last night was, in my opinion, the most important of all the meetings and events to ensure that things continued to move forward as scheduled. Last night we welcomed a new brother into the lodge. That’s right, it was another degree conferral and the official beginning of a new brother’s masonic journey. It is the meeting that started us all and that I particularly enjoy being a part of… in many respects this applies to all of the degrees as they are the same each and every time. We all start at the same place regardless of our name, bank account, occupation, etc. It all begins with the same identical step.

Each time I witness a degree conferral I learn a little more. Sometimes it is as simple as retaining some of the information recited while other times I find myself thinking about the reasons I chose to become a mason and the reasons I now enjoy being a masons and being involved in the lodge. Last night, I was reminded, once again, of the fact that we are brothers and we make the time to support one another no matter if we are taking our first steps or we are 65+ years into our journey.

I also found myself glancing at the ring on my finger, my grandfather’s masonic ring. While he wasn’t the most active mason (as I have been told) he did take pride in the fact that he belonged to this fraternity and our lodge. Of course, I feel like I am bringing him with me to every meeting just by wearing his ring. I guess you could say that I am keeping him involved whether he likes it or not.

Overall, these nights are not as well attended as the stated meetings but, when you think about it, these meetings are more critical to the life and future of the lodge. One of the best parts of being secretary is playing a role in the making of a mason. From the initial petition to the degrees to embracing our new brother as a Master Mason. But my role is only a small one as without the rest of the lodge these degrees and meetings would not be possible. The lodge cannot rely on just one brother, the lodge can only operate with the support of the brethren.