Thursday, October 16, 2014

This Is Not A Fleetwood Mac Song

If you ask someone if they have ever lied and they say no you know that they are lying. It is one of those things in life that we all do it as one point or another. Some tell little lies (try to get that Fleetwood Mac song out of your head now, I dare you) usually to protect someone else’s feelings while other people tell lies that are so large that they are simply unforgivable. Of course, most of the instances of uncalled BS are in the middle and I can deal with them.

Things seem to have shifted lately as there seems to be piles of bovine feces beginning to pile up all around me. But what smells more is the stench coming from the rotten cores of the people spewing these self-centered and vile piles of steer stew. It is so bad that I have found myself choking and trying to find some fresh air whenever I have been around them. These people lie not only to make themselves look better but make you look worse at the same time… we all know people like that.

But, there is some light in the situation. Some of these people are just having moments when situations are getting to them. These times will pass, things will return to normal, and I should be able to trust them again in the near future. However, there are some people that seem to never change or that have reverted to some old and nasty ways. Even if there is something going on in their life, there is no excuse for those actions. But there is a bright spot to this too because now I know and I can avoid them and, more importantly, protect my child from them in the future.

The most amusing part of this post right now is that I know a handful of people who have already become so offended that they are not even reading these words that I am writing right now. It doesn’t matter if it was meant for them or not, they think it does so they have long since closed out this page and are now steeping in their own little world waiting for the boiling point to come and the hatred to spew from their fingers. Come to think of it, this could be fun seeing how far out of context things have been taken and what drastic assumptions have been make. Things might have just gotten very interesting.