Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Help From Brothers And Family Members

I can see the end to the chaos but it is still a few days away. Thankfully, I have had the help of brothers and family along the way. Together we kept things on track and everything moving forward as scheduled. Thankfully I got a new phone which has been holding up well (with plenty of battery left at the end of the day) to the barrage of calls and text that I have been fielding and the offers to assist have been nonstop over the past several weeks.

With the Worshipful Master slowly recovering and gradually taking things back over and stepping in where and when he can, it has been nice to be able to catch up on a few other items. At the same time, I have spoken with the District Deputy Grand Master a couple of times who has taken the time out of his schedule to make sure that we had everything ready for the next meeting. He has done this both for the meeting last week and he did the same thing earlier this week to make sure everything has been taken care of for the official visitation on Thursday.

Last night a lot of those things came together both in person and over the phone. One brother I was able to call for help also happens to be my cousin. We needed a few shirts made (embroidered) both with a specific budget in mind and a pretty short deadline of approximately a week. No surprise, he came through and last night I was able to see the excellent shirts that he made for us… definitely worthy of presenting during the meeting tomorrow night.

It was during this time with my cousin that I was once again reminded of an important aspect of freemasonry in that is does help bind a family together. The connection that I have with my uncle, a fellow mason, I also felt at that moment with my cousin. It was nice to both talk about our lodges and also show him around my lodge which he had never been to in his 20+ years as a mason (just a few more years than I have been a member).

Hopefully, I will be able to sit in lodge with both of them in the near future. There are a few meetings coming up and I am going to do what I can to make it happen (more schedule shuffling to come). But, until then, I am going to keep pushing forward and doing whatever I can to assist in the continued success of the lodge. There are a lot of things to look forward to in the coming months and all of them are going to require some effort. Effort that is well worth it!