Monday, December 1, 2014

Final Month

I can’t believe that we are already in the final month of 2014. I have no idea where the year has gone and it is surprising to look back and see where things started and where we are now. And with so many changes that are scheduled to take place in the beginning of 2015 it is amazing to think what things are going to be like at this time next year.

Work has been great with things always happening to keep me busy and clients that value the work that we have done but there are changes that have happened and are going to take place over the next month. There have been great placements and lost opportunities. We have lost a few accounts and brought some in. We have seem contracts go to other firms and we have had companies come directly to us. I have seen new colleagues come in and I have seen a few pack up their things. All of these things are, unfortunately, part of the industry and we already know of changes that will take place sooner rather than later.

The lodge, as you know, has been hectic with events, both scheduled and unplanned, causing us to work a little harder than usual to keep things running smoothly. It has been a year of growth and good work as our numbers continue to rise (both membership and attendance) and the list of events that we have scheduled more comprehensive than the previous year. And it has been a challenging time as I have done my best to keep up to date on all of my duties in my first year as Secretary (while trying to balance everything else in life). One more month, one more meeting, and then we do it all again.

I have been able to keep up on the blogs but it really has been a struggle at times. Not just in trying to figure out what the heck I am going to say (hence this post) but sometimes just finding the time to write. My list of things to do on a daily basis seems to be getting longer and longer and the makeup days that once existed have long since been booked with other things. But I am going to keep pushing forward with both the current set up and with a few things that I am working on to hopefully relieve a little of the work load.

With all those things going on, the most important changes have been with regard to my, growing, family. Not only has this been an adjustment as of late but there are many more things that will be happening at the beginning of the year. There are many great experiences that I will forever remember from this past year and some that while I would prefer to forget I have no choice but to remember. There is a lot more that we have planned for this month as a family and hopefully it will be a month full of nothing but good things. All we can do is live and love and that is what I hope encapsulates this final month of 2014.