Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh, The Stuff You Find When Packing!

As I have stated before, over the last few weeks I have been busy packing boxes. Whenever I have been home I have either been putting together or stuffing boxes. It really is amazing how much stuff that you can cram into a small apartment… that much is apparent when the closets and book shelves start to empty.

No matter how much I have tried to stay organized I can’t do much more than put general labels on boxes in the hopes that they are put in the right room. There are no specifics mentioned. I guess you could say, given the time of year, that they are mystery presents filled with crap that we have already bought. The good thing is I know that my wife will like what I give her.

However, one of the interesting aspects of this whole process is that after over three years in our current apartment there is stuff that made its way onto a shelf or into a corner that we have long since forgotten about. At least until now. Maybe we didn’t have to buy it when we did.

There are also other things that met the same fate and upon discovering them again it was a “I was wondering where that had gone to” type of feeling or a “I was thinking about picking one of those up”. While this was more common with documents than things it was still an interesting time of discovery even more prominent than when I was simply cleaning.

These documents were things that I was most excited to find. While it wasn’t the same, it was close to the feeling of when I originally found them and put them aside. It was a feeling of rediscovering family and/or memories depending on the piece of ephemera that came to the surface. Maybe this time I can get around to checking that last item off my genealogy wish list.

Just as I would discover these things I would once again relegate them to the spaces out of sight. I would find them, look at them, and put them in a box to be unpacking in our new place and, hopefully, stored in a more efficient manner. While the documents will be going with us there are also items that we just don’t have any use for anymore and will be making their way to either the dumpster or a donation location.

So we will soon be in a new place filled with the same stuff from our previous residences. And, of course, we will be getting more stuff to fill in the extra space. Thankfully we have good reason for the additional accumulation. Baby needs his stuff too!