Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last And First Meeting

Having had to run a few errands prior (i.e. checking the old apartment and grabbing the mail), and leaving the office a little later than expected due to a delayed but very positive meeting (our year in review), I arrived at the lodge about an hour later than I usually do and with little time to space for the evening. Actually, as I pulled into a parking spot and made a final few calls, I greeted two other brothers as they walked across the parking lot. Maybe attendance would be more than I expected?

Well, I walked in a few minutes later having finally completed the calls that had occupied my commute, and saw a small round table of brothers conversing and getting a few last minute items done before the New Year began. The evening, absent of candidates, was a much more relaxed time of fellowship and an opportunity to catch up on everything that is going on not just at the lodge but in our lives. It was also a perfect time to make sure I thanked the brother who assisted me over the weekend by transporting the new couch.

As the new masonic year had started a few days prior, there was a slight change at the lodge last night. While the Worshipful Master will be serving another year in the east and I will continue sitting to his right, the Treasurer, having served in that role for the past seven years, decided to step down and have another brother assume the responsibilities of the office. Last night, it was nice to see the previous Treasurer relax a little while he offered support to his successor. While the new officer is more than qualified for the job and his commitment to the fraternity is unquestionable, I understand the process of getting comfortable in a new position in the lodge as an officer. After all, I had to do the same thing last year.

There is a lot of promise in the coming year as our calendar is filling quickly, new brothers are actively participating in the fraternity, and new candidates are brought in every month with petitions in hand. We conclude the year with more masons than what we started with, greater engagement by the brethren, and an energy that is continuously building with every passing week. It is a great time to be a brother and I am enjoying the front row seat that I have as we turn the fraternal corner and begin to grow again.