Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dedication Of Time

Don't lose your Masonic marbles thinking about all the time you have put into the lodge!
First the first time since I was raised my lodge had to schedule two extra meetings for the month. Last night was the first of these and it was great to see both brothers passed. It was especially nice to sit at my desk again and catch up on a few items after having missed the sated meeting last week. While they will both make fine members of the fraternity they are both completely different thus far in their involvement and, seemingly, their motivation in becoming Masons. One brother is taking every opportunity to learn as much as possible and to be at the lodge while the other needed quite a bit of prompting throughout the evening.

It is interesting to put these meetings and the degree work in perspective as the Worshipful Master did so eloquently last night. With 15 brothers in attendance putting about 2 hours in last night alone, which is 30 man hours that have been committed to these new masons to ensure they received their second degree. That stat alone made a few people pause and think about how much we have all committed to our fellow brothers and the lodge not just last night but throughout the past year.

In general, the December extra meetings are always interesting because you have a mix of outgoing and incoming officers working together for this brief overlapping period of time. Of course, there are also those of us who are staying right were we have been so much of this back and forth is simply observation on our parts. However, with a renewed abundance of brothers that are interested in holding office, it is a great time to see the activity and the interest that is being taken in the lodge and the work being done.

We will only have a few days before our next extra meeting when we will welcome a new brother and raise another. For now, we will be working with the brothers still in the middle of the process and work with them to make sure that they are getting out of this process what we are all putting in. That is really all that we can do and it has worked well this year ensuring that new brothers are welcomed into the lodge and start their masonic journey with that deep connection that we all have with the fraternity and with our fellow brothers.