Monday, April 21, 2014

Short Month

Today was one of those days when I realized, “Crap! It’s a short month!” It is not about 30 days vs. 31 days, it is all about how the calendar is situated. As it turns out, the next stated meeting of my lodge falls on Thursday, May 1st. What this means it that instead of having another week to pull the notice and minutes together, make calls, and coordinate a few other things, I have to get it all done this week. Translation, say goodbye to any breathing room during the work day and any chance of getting things done early.

In comparison, I am actually ahead of where I was last month but that early meeting day just threw everything off balance. Somehow, I think everything might come together just in time as a number of people got back to me today and a few of the other projects got checked off my to do list. But, at this point, it is still a matter of pulling those final things together and attempting to convey a sense of calm to the brethren as I jump from one thing to another. This is particularly challenging on stated meeting nights as there is, inevitably, someone who needs a document, card, signature, etc. at the last minute and it has to be done before the meeting.

Honestly, I can’t fault them. I have done the same thing in the past and, contrary to what some people might say, I knew exactly what I was getting into when I volunteered to become Secretary. And, really, it may be hectic and a bit stressful at times, but I enjoy knowing everything that is going on in the lodge (well, maybe not everything but almost everything). But, like the constant shuffle of the calendar, it is all about timing and how you manage that time. Lately, the management of that time has been a little off but I know that it will only get better from here as I learn more and figure out better ways of getting things done.

For now, I will continue scrambling knowing that there will be a slight respite this summer which should allow me to get caught up, step back, and figure a few more things out before heading into the final stretch in the fall. Until then I will continue trying to keep pace in this Masonic Marathon knowing that I can push through the wall. With that said, I am going to wrap this up and get back to work as a few things need to be wrapped up by the end of the day so that everything can stay on track despite the short month.