Saturday, April 12, 2014

Grand Lodge and Mini Golf

As I approached the Convention Center parking lot early this morning I knew that it was going to be a challenge finding a parking space and navigating the sidewalks. Wave upon wave of teenage volleyball players and families were pouring out of the doors and scurrying across the garage without regard for cars driving to the top of the garage to grab one of the last remaining spots. It was a challenge to stay calm behind the wheel with that kind of reckless abandon occurring before my sleep deprived eyes.

With the car safely tucked in the corner of the 9th floor, I made my way down the cramped elevator and walked up the block to the shake hands with the growing crowd of smoking brothers standing just in front of the Grand Lodge. After about 30 minutes of chatting and catching up with the brothers I rarely meet except for similar occasions, we all headed up the marble stairs to get the morning started. My original plan was to simply observe the training sessions this morning.

However, moments after taking my seat the District Deputy Grand Master asked if I would be willing to sit in as Secretary for the first session of the morning. I have sat at my desk during regular lodge meetings many times now but sitting in the east at the grand lodge is a completely different experience and one that is very humbling when you are being critiqued on every word you say. In what seemed like a few fleeting minutes, the morning had evaporated and before I could give a moment of thought to the flying time, we were off to lunch at the Racket Club.

After a quick and tasty lunch, including a childhood favorite of Snapper soup, compliments of the Worshipful Master we went on a quick tour of the landmark building before walking back to the parking garage and headed off in various directions to meet again on Tuesday night. Surprisingly I was running on time for the first time all week and made it back to the apartment by 2pm. And, of course, within a few minutes of stepping foot in the apartment we were walking back out and getting in the car to drive around up north.

We set the GPS to drive by a rental in an area near where we were considering moving to check out the area and the travel time. With a nice drive behind us and a pleasant surprise in the location of the listing, we drove over to the next town where my wife knew of a miniature golf location. Seeing that the weather was so nice and we were in the area anyway be both thought that it would be a nice relaxing outdoor activity that would occupy the rest of the afternoon.

Following a crappy put-put performance, it was time to continue my sucking ways by walking over to the batting cages. Granted it has probably been close to a decade since my last time in the cage that is no excuse for just how badly I stunk. And, to make matters worse, the pictures my wife captured really are not flattering and are, in a certain sense, quite sad. Let’s just say I have a long way to go at the gym. But, in the end, it was a great day with some quality time spent with my brothers in the morning and my wife the rest of the day. Now, it’s time to rest a little bit this weekend.