Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why Am I Only Hearing Crickets?

Would this be considered a high capacity wood block?

I have said it before and I will say it again, it is time for some sensible weapons registration. MAC over at The Bang Switch and I agree on the fact that we must put companies and manufacturers on notice that we can no longer allow for the careless production, purchase, and use of such deadly instruments in homes across the country. These steel tools are easily within reach of children and the mentally unstable each and every day in this country and it can’t simply continue happening in such an unregulated and dangerous way.

I expect to see members of Congress and the Senate line up behind the President and support all legislative actions, and even executive orders if that is what it takes, so that we can become a safer nation. This should not be an issue of partisanship, this should be an issue that unites us all because, in the end, Washington knows best. This should happen any minute now while the emotions stemming from the attempted murder at a Western Pennsylvania High School are still raw and public support can be rallied behind the regulation of sharp cutting instruments.

Furthermore, we should invest in the development of smart knives so that only the owner, who has filled out all the proper paperwork and has registered their Cutco steak knife set is able to use it. Although, come to think of it, steak knives are rather compact. Maybe we should also enforce a STK (Short Tong Knives) policy and require a $200 tax stamp, 6+ month waiting period, and extensive background checks in order to purchase any knife under a certain length. This also applies to fully automatic knives also known as assault blenders and all ‘electric machine cutting knives’. Heck with maybe, that is definitely what we should do.

Of course, let us not forget the proliferation of ghost knives that have flooded the market. You know, the home made knives flowing from garages and basements across this country that are sold without any record and that go from state to state undetected. And, of course, they come with unlimited capacity blades that can be used over and over with little more than a sharpening stone or strap o leather.

People, yes you, cannot be trusted with such dangerous items without the proper training and only after a background check has been performed. After all, owning a knife is not a right and the Founding Fathers could not have anticipated the development of folding knives, electric knives, concealed carry knives, Leatherman tools, and other such developments. Everyone knows that the object makes the person unstable, it is the cause of these heinous acts, the person holding the weapon is just another victim. Mental health has nothing to do with what continue to happen so we need to ban anything and everything that can be used as a weapon.

How does that sound to you?