Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back To My Usual Position

Having been put on stage on Saturday sitting behind the Secretary’s desk at Grand Lodge, it was nice to get back to my home lodge and sit behind my humble desk for another degree conferral. This one was particularly special as I was the first line signer on this particular petition. While I can’t give any specifics as to who he is or his profession, I can say that he is a man, now a brother, with an impressive and honorable background. I am proud to have been one of the brothers to support/endorse his petition and I am looking forward to assisting him in any way possible during his Masonic journey. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to share some common interests as we, and many of the other brothers in the lodge, share the same hobby.

However, there was also something else at work with regard to my enjoyment of the evening beyond the relief and pride that the night held. It was also a meeting when everything, I believe for the first time, was running smoothly for me. Everything was prepared in advance, all forms and the dispensation was ready for after the meeting, and I was, for the most part, up to date on correspondences and other items that have to get done every month. I even had time, unlike the stated meeting earlier this month, to enjoy a pleasant meal with my brothers before we opened the lodge.

This may have been the best combination of a day that I have experienced in a long time. I took the day off from work to reflect upon the Passover holiday (that is my way of celebrating) and also kept myself occupied with something to do. You know I can’t just have a day when I don’t do anything. So having some relaxation time combined with an objective was a great balance and what may have accentuated my ability to breathe while away from my desk during the week.

It was nice, for one day, for one night, to enjoy and observe everything going on. I don’t expect it to continue beyond a single day as the emails keep piling up and the petitions continue to thankfully trickle in, but I still had that one night of relaxation, relief, and pride. These really are the moments that keep many of us coming back week after week, month after month, and year after year. What a great way to conclude my first Masonic year.