Thursday, February 20, 2014

Third Times Is The Charm (Or Is This Four)

Yesterday I had to leave the office much earlier than I usually do. I was in the car and on the road by 3:00pm. Not for anything bad, it was actually for a darn good reason even though I knew I would be sacrificing some of my evening in the process. Had I not double booked myself to be on two calls at the same time I could have held off until 4:00pm but sometimes those things happen and you have little choice in the matter so I headed out the door a hour early so that I could borrow some office space from a client for a call.

So, I got to my client’s office with about five minutes to spare until I had to get on the phone. Cutting it a little closer than I like but, hey, I made it and that is what really counts. While I was waiting for the call to begin, I pulled out my computer and started getting a few other things done. It’s great having access to a secure and reliable wireless network. The call went off without any issues, as I would expect from the people on the line. With about 30 minutes until my next commitment I had just enough time to get my tie on and prep for the next event, the reason I had to leave the office early which you know I don’t like doing.

A quarter to five and I could hear some very familiar voices carrying across the building. Knowing that things were obviously getting started a little early, I hurried myself back out to the car and dropped off my bag and coat, it was a mild evening, so that I wouldn’t have that clutter later in the night. On my way back, my colleague joined me and we entered the reception, mingled (with plenty of work mixed in) and awaited the Governor’s arrival.

That’s right, for the fourth time in the last six months, I was able to meet Governor Corbett and hear him speak as well as honestly answer every question that is presented to him. It was and evening when I wish my boss was able to attend as her views are similar to mine but she has yet to meet the Governor. With that said, her substitute representative, this being his first encounter, left that evening impressed by the fact that he finally met a politician who took his time, spoke to everyone, and was honest and sincere in his answers and views.

There were other business items that came up during the evening that brought the evening back to some of the issues that we have been facing time and again, nothing which I am at liberty to discuss here, but it was an excellent evening nevertheless and our client seemed to be pleased with the overall experience and results of the evening. And, personally, the evening served as greater motivation to do my part in participating in the process and ensuring that Pennsylvania continues along the right path during a second term by Governor Corbett.

In the end I only left with one question unanswered: when asked if there is any media in the room, should I start raising my hand? It is an interesting dilemma and one that will only become more complicated as some other projects, hopefully, come to fruition. I guess I will have to take this day by day, event by event, until I reach a clear conclusion. Until that time, my hand will stay down. No need to complicate things.