Monday, February 10, 2014

Family Travel And Events: Years Of Entertainment

There are times when I am astounded by the odd things that happen both at family events and the things that happen on the way to those events. Especially when there is flying involved. Even some of the simplest things that we usually don’t think twice about can have humorous aspects to them if you just take a closer look.

A prime example is the process of simply getting to the gate once you arrive at the airport. Next time you are there look at the confused look on people’s faces when they have to go to a counter to check in. Not the first time fliers, it is normal to see some awkwardness or uncertainty in those people who are unfamiliar with the process. I am talking about the frequent travelers, the ones you can tell fly all the time that, for some reason or another couldn’t get on the computer or the phone, can’t use the kiosk and, subsequently, have to actually deal with a person in order to get there ticket.

Further down the process, try to put yourself in the shoes of those at the security check point. I am certain that they see many things that people shouldn’t have on the plane. The usually things that they people just don’t think about. However, I know for certain that there are some odd things that go through the scanners and it makes me wonder what goes through their minds when they see a hunk of Swiss cheese and a dried sausage in a woman’s handbag at is runs across the x-ray. I think it’s safe to say that they made the sausage go back and forth a few times before shaking their heads and letting it out the other end.

The actual family events are, not surprisingly, sources of long lasting entertainment. Sometimes the things that happen at weddings can provide years, if not decades, of humor as well as a means to poke those relatives at future events. This is just one of the reasons why I don’t drink, or drink very little, at weddings and get-togethers. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to accurately remember people falling into fire pits, being doused by a citronella candle, bouncing off walls, beer can pyramids, and walking the wrong direction back to the cabin not realizing where they were when the sun shown above the horizon. These are just some of the more vivid memories that, in hindsight, provide for hours of entertainment and recollection decades after the fact. Sometimes all it takes is stepping back and paying attention.