Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Irony And Hypocrisy: Besties 4 Ever

Over the past few years we have seen a sharp increase in the number of protests and rallies throughout the country. While most have come in the form of large groups of people getting together to show their support or disdain for one topic or another. Personally, I haven’t been a part of these gatherings but fully support the reasons behind some of these assemblies. Others, I am simple left wondering if they really give a crap or fully understand what they are saying and what their actions say about their point of view.

A prime example of the questionable practices of some of these groups occurred this past Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina when a group of individuals decided to hold a rally in opposition to the ‘Republican Agenda’ in the state. One of many points of contention was the passage into law this past year that a photo identification is required for someone to vote in person. I know, such a radical law. How do you expect the dead to vote if they have to actually show up at the polling place with a photo ID.

This is not the first time that such opposition has been seen. In fact, this is a constant topic of debate across the country. What was interesting in this instance was that there was a certain requirement in place at this rally in order for people to be part of the heard protesting this voting requirement. Enter irony and hypocrisy skipping into the conversation hand in hand (they are besties at this point).

As was reported by the Associated Press, “Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, said Saturday the NAACP was being hypocritical for directing marchers on a document to bring photo identification when it opposes a photo ID requirement for voting. Lewis helped shepherd a voter ID law through the legislature.” Yes, you read that correctly, a photo ID was required to protest the voter ID law. Interestingly enough, actually not really interesting more common practice at this point, this little tidbit wasn’t mentioned by any of the more left leaning publications beyond the AP.

Maybe it would make sense to simply have ‘Moral Marches’ on election day and everyone would be happy except, of course, for those who wouldn’t be able to participate in either. I wonder who they would protest against. Would they bother getting a photo ID in order to protest the fact that they didn’t have a photo ID? Why don’t those people without photo identification simply hold up signs at a presidential rally? Oh wait, those require a photo ID to get into as well.

In an age when identity theft is rampant it only makes sense to require people to have photo identification when they go to vote. We are not voting for the next American Idol, we are voting for the people who are supposed to represent us from school boards and other local elected officials to congressman, senators, and the president. Requiring photo identification ensures that you vote for who you want to represent you. One person, one photo ID, one vote. This is the basic equation that everyone, regardless of party, should stand behind.