Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gluttonous Appliance Adds To Errand List

My wife and I headed out today to take care of a few errands which we had been putting off for the past couple of weekends. Obviously, nothing that was urgent but it needed to be taken care of at some point and today was the day. Our first stop was somewhere that used to not bother me much but, over the years, it has started to get a bit rundown. It is not the same place, and I am not the same person, that it used to be so I no longer look forward to entering the mall. The fact that there are aspects of the building that are starting to deteriorate doesn’t do anything for the overall appeal either.

Not surprisingly, this stop was so my wife could stop at a few places that are only found in various malls throughout the area. One thing that I did notice about one of the stores was that if you really want to increase your sales you might want to think about coordinating the prices you have in your store location with the one listed on the website. These people refused to honor the online price despite it being their own website. And we’re not talking about a few dollars, this was more like twice the price in person. Nice salesperson but the company needs a little work. Oh well, I guess you really didn’t want my sale. Fortunately, there were no such issues at the second store.

From there we drove down the street to take care of one of my least favorite activities… clothes shopping. It wasn’t for any big purchase, it was Wal-Mart after all, but it is still a less than desirable activity made worse by the fact that these crazy people had almost exclusively shorts out in the workout gear. I had to dig to find a freaking pair of workout pants. Thankfully, socks are much easier to find.

Of course, this trip wouldn’t be necessary if our dryer didn’t have an eating disorder. Like many of its elk, it consumes socks on a regular basis. Only one from the pair as I assume it doesn’t want to be seen as gluttonous. However, our particular dryer has a hankering for draw strings. Because it only eats half a pair, it has plenty of room for the countless draw strings that help to keep our pants up and our sweatshirts closed. Well, my workout pants were the victim of the latest nibbling and so I had to swim among the shorts to find something that would go past my knees at the store.

So, it didn’t take long before all the small tasks were taken care of and we were on our way to dinner. It wasn’t the best place to stop with the goals that we each have but we were actually pretty good and stuck with the healthier options on the menu. And so concluded our day. From there we made our way home in the Sunday traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway. No accidents, just highway congestion that seems to be ever-present on that particular stretch of highway.

And what was my thought when we finally got home. Was it that I was looking forward to relaxing on the couch and not watching the Olympics closing ceremony? No, it was a night of trying to get things done on the computer and the sense of dread when I looked into the direction of the dishes piled in the sink. Oh well, it has to get done at some point and tonight was the time to do it. At least the dishwasher doesn’t eat my socks.