Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long Awaited Extra Meeting

Every month we have an extra meeting for the conferral of degrees. Obviously, the degrees vary but the schedule remains pretty consistent. Our stated meetings are on the first Thursday of every month with the degree conferrals occurring the following Tuesday. Not a complicated schedule and one that seems to have worked for some time now.

However, in an attempt to make things a little easier for us all during the week, the decision was made to hold the extra meeting on a Saturday morning. With three separate degree conferrals scheduled for the same meeting, this would prevent us from being at lodge until 11:00 PM or later on a Tuesday night. That was the plan. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t agree with our attempt for convenience and after cancelling two Saturdays in a row, it was back to Tuesday night.

As it turned out, we only conferred two degrees on Tuesday evening as one of the new brothers has a growing family that needs his attention. A completely understandable reason to postpone until the following month. So, we began trickling in on Tuesday night as we all looked around and began counting to make sure we had enough to fill in all of the officers positions (elected and appointed). As 7:30 quickly ticked to the present, we had just enough to get things done.

It was a bit of a shuffle, as some brothers were able to physically do more than others so I found myself being shifted around from one place to another, east to west and back east, until I finally took my seat as Senior Deacon. Working in our favor is the fact that degree work has a pretty standard set of minutes that need to be taken so, between degrees, I was able to quickly step over and jot a few details down on the notepad at my desk. The rest of the time was trying to remember what to hand the Worshipful Master and following the directions of others during the meeting.

It was a different experience and one that I believe, to my memory, was the fifth position that I had viewed conferrals from (including my usual spot behind the secretary’s desk). While I prefer to sit in the position to which I have been elected by my fellow brothers, I enjoyed the change of pace for the evening and learning the duties of that officer. As I have said many times before, just being a part of the ritual and ceremony is something that every brother needs to experience, especially when it is during the raising of Master Mason.

Even with the postponement of one of the degrees, I still didn’t get home until about 11 at night (after a little bit of work in the office). This is why we tried to get this moved to Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate the next time we try to make things a little bit easier for everyone during the middle of the work week. Only time will tell but the important thing is that we got everything done and advanced our brothers in their Masonic journeys.