Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It’s Baaaack…

Darn it! I’m getting sick again. Maybe this is what I get for not taking the time to recover after the last bout with whatever this is. Unfortunately, I find myself in the same position… there is too much stuff going on for me to miss a day. As the cliché goes, I don’t have the luxury of getting sick. However, this time it seems to be a little different. While the congestion is the same, my joints are beginning to ache especially my shoulders and knees. Its back and its pissed. Of course, this could just be a cold squared. Getting a cold and having the cold weather stiffen my already questionable joints. Either way it is time to double down. Cold medicine and Motrin.

I don’t know about anyone else but, for me, there is a certain amount of guilt when it comes to getting sick. As I have said previously, my energy and creativity is at a significant deficit when my body is trying to fight off illness. Pain only magnifies that effect. Knowing that I can usually accomplish much more in a day and not being able to is slightly disturbing to my determination. When something takes longer than it should and money equals dollars, when I am sick I am costing someone money. That isn’t right and it really bothers me. This is on top of the fact that if I am not getting everything done someone else is, most likely, going to have to assist me. We are all already working hard and I don’t want to put more work on someone else.

Maybe it is time that I really start focusing and taking better care of myself. The hours seem to be fine. Maybe a few too many in the office but not much. All my other activities seem to be working out on most days so I don’t see any great benefit to cutting back on those. However, my body needs a lot of work. It is time to really embrace the resolution that I keep making and reaffirming. I need to take care of my body which, in turn, will improve the abilities of my mind. Regardless of what you may think, I know this relation to be true.

So, in my recovery I think it is time to get a realistic plan together. Not just goals but logical steps which need to be taken in the coming months. So, add another item to the to-do list. Of course, when I am done I will post my plans but, in the meantime, I am open to suggestions as long as you keep them reasonable (i.e. I am not going vegan and running a marathon a day). Maybe you will see them implemented in my final plan (with proper credit given). We will see.