Monday, February 3, 2014

Punxsutawney Phil Fallout

The day after Groundhog Day and what do we find? Snow. And not the granular white sand like snow that buried the pavement last month. These flakes were big and heavy, sticking to anything that got in their way. I hope this is not what we should expect over the next six weeks.

I woke up this morning with every expectation of heading into the office and getting things moving for the week. Twenty minutes into a slow and slippery drive, I had no other choice than to try and made it back to the apartment. While there wasn’t a large amount of snow on the ground, it was just enough that the traction control kept flashing on the dashboard every time I gently presses the accelerator when the light turned green. Thirty minutes after my decision to head back, I finally arrived at the apartment building and pulled into a parking spot.

The snow continued to fall all day as I worked from the dining room table. Occasionally I would stop and clean off the cars trying to stay ahead of the mounting weight pressing down on the suspension. Throughout the day, the view of the parking lot from our window remained fuzzy like a television with misaligned rabbit ears. It wasn’t until about four when the air began to clear and the real clean up began.

It didn’t take long before the low scratchy groan of the plow began echoing off the compacted parking lot and the slow blowers filled the air with the unmistakable sound of a gasoline engine with the arch of snow breaking up in midflight before slamming into the freshly plowed pile on the side of the driveway. The staccato of the chunks of snow hitting trees and fence, combined with the vibrating metal of the plow bouncing off the speed bumps in a dull winter drumroll.

With all of these things happening in the background, the ticking of the computer keys served to keep me focused on the screen and the projects that seem to be backing up by the moment. Throughout that time I kept thinking about that darn groundhog. It seems as though he is mocking all of us just like he did Bill Murray. Some winters are not so bad but then there are ones like this year when six weeks seems like a very long time. Six weeks of this will not be fun but maybe things will turn around. However, look at the forecast for the next ten days all I have to say is… screw you Punxsutawney Phil!