Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey Fallout

Since we were out all day yesterday, today was our turn to cook the turkey. This was a maiden voyage for my wife and the first time I had attempted cooking a bird since college in 2001. Heading into the experiment we knew it was at least going to be an interesting experience.

With my wife prepping the carrots, celery, and onions I began getting the gobbler ready. Everything went smoothly with the exception of my wife getting a little disturbed by the innards neatly tucked away in the carcass. Having gone much faster than expected, the bird was in the oven in about thirty minutes swimming in a warm pool of Muscato wine.

Four hours later, the button had popped and we unwrapped the turkey to crisp up a bit. While it never achieved the golden brown seen in the cook books and on television, it was still a very tasty result with leftovers to last a week. We shouldn’t have any problem doing this again in the future.

Although it probably would have been smarter to get out of the apartment today and walk around. So much food, actually I wasn’t too bad this year, and little activity has given me the Thanksgiving lean and the occasional hunch. It is not a pleasant feeling and one that I haven’t felt in a while… it is the kind of feeling that sucks all the energy out of you and leaves you looking for the nearest soft and flat surface to lay on.

It is this sensation that took over soon after our dinner and began making me feel the fowl fallout. My body isn’t used to having to process so much turkey let alone two nights in a row and my body is slowing down rapidly leaving my eyes and fingers to struggle tapping the keys on my laptop. This is the lean to one side to get comfortable and yawn every fifteen seconds blog.

The only think keeping me up tonight at this point is the Comedy Central standup (or in the case of Bill Cosby, sitting down) marathon. Nothing like some dummies and a fluffy guy to keep you awake as you continue to laugh through the discomfort. But it is a pretty good end to a day that felt like Sunday from the time I woke up. Knowing that I don’t have to set an alarm for tomorrow makes everything better.