Monday, November 18, 2013

Are You Being Served?

Sunday saw the second half of our Masonic weekend. Actually, it was more like the last third as I spent Friday night at Scottish Rite, Saturday raising money for the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, and yesterday I was enjoying and serving pancakes at our first annual flapjack fundraiser. Once again, we found ourselves at Applebee’s on City Avenue but this time the proceeds were to benefit our lodge and some of the work that needs to be done.

It was our first attempt at such an event and while we didn’t bring in a significant sum it was still a valuable learning experience that we got while, at the same time, remaining in the black. It was also another great day to spend with my wife and my brothers. Of course, we also kept the hat out from the day before and added a little bit from our total raising money for Alex’s cause.

Now, I’m not a morning person and an early rise on the weekend usually equates to a bad day but while my body may have been a bit tired I was full of energy at the same time. This is a different kind of good tired which I have written about previously. This is the tired that follows two days of putting forth the time and energy to give back. This is the tired that revitalizes you for the week to come and makes you look forward to the next opportunity to give of yourself.

But I must be honest, it wasn’t just about the fundraising. It was a great day to get to know a little more about each of the brothers present. Young and old, regardless of degree or affiliation with other Masonic bodies, we are all treated as equals. We all lead different lives with the commonality of a strong and ageless brotherhood. We welcome one another and our families. We welcome brothers and non-brothers alike with the same warmth and invite them to join us, in this instance, for breakfast.

It is moments like this past weekend that reaffirm my commitment and reassure me of my decision to become a Mason. I guess that it goes to show that not all light can be found within the walls of the lodge. Much, if not most, light is found in your fellow brothers and in your collective actions beyond the walls of the lodge. Light is limitless and is present all around us; it is our job to seek it out and recognize the illumination. If you seek light look around you, you may be surprised at where the rays originate.