Friday, November 15, 2013

A Night With Ben

Former Governor of Pennsylvania Mark Schweiker delivers
keynote address at the Marcum Innovator of the Year Awards.
Last night I was out again and this time I was at the Franklin Institute in center city. I guess you could say that the evening was a mix of both business and pleasure as I was there in support our client that was nominated for an award but also it was an enjoyable time just getting to meet a variety of new people. So, overall, it was my kind of night.

What began as a slow crawl into the city by way of the I-95 parking lot quickly picked up speed until I looked at my watch and wondered where the night had gone. Given the people in the room that really wasn’t a surprise. All present were there for a reason and all earned their place in the room.

I have gotten to know a lot of intelligent, even brilliant, people in my live and I even have the privilege of working with a few and I know many dedicated hard working people but, for some reason, finding individuals with that particular combination is becoming harder and harder to find. Maybe it’s a generational thing maybe it’s just me (I wouldn’t consider myself on the plus side of either of the aforementioned characteristics). But that room was completely different.

In every direction you could see a deep rooted intelligence and a flame in the eyes of all in attendance. Every nominee, every company, had an amazing story and people behind them with such drive that inspires one to work hard and look for the next opportunity to succeed. From small companies like BizEquity and bulogics to large companies such as Rajant and Nemours, the talent that exists in this all too often overlooked region is astounding. I highly recommend looking up each of those companies and learning about how they are going to continue changing the world.

The Marcum Innovator of the Year Awards accomplished its goal of highlighting some of the ideas and technologies that are bound to change the world not just the area. There is impact in the genius that churned in the audience under the shadow of Ben Franklin. And by having such a collection in that place which carries the name of greatness, you couldn’t help but be inspired, motivated, and maybe even a little bit smarter.

It was a night that was enjoyable throughout the course of the event but also one that will continue to bring much enjoyment in the future as I watch these companies and read about the advancements they are making. It is one of those corny things that makes me proud of where I grew up, where I live, and where I will continue to remain rooted. Simply put, we take pride in our commonwealth and continue trying to see all the positive developments happening around us even when other things aren’t necessarily going the way we would like them to.