Saturday, November 23, 2013

Prepping For Black (Rifle) Friday!

In honor of the Eugene Stoner’s birthday (the engineer behind the AR-15) which I mentioned yesterday in my post about the assassination of President and NRA member John F. Kennedy I have decided, after numerous requests, to post an AR-15 parts list. Not just a simple list of what you need to get but a list of some of the prices I have seen over the past couple of months in order to build a budget rifle. I will tell you the websites and the lowest prices I have seen but I am not going to link to the product page as many of the dollar amounts have changed.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind with this list. While these are sale prices that I have seen during different moments may not be available now, you must be patient and wait as these parts will go on sale again for the same price or lower (I have no idea what Black Friday will bring). The quotes below do not take into account shipping or transfer costs (I am not even going to try and calculate that in as a factor). In addition to this list, there are tools that you would need to purchase to build the firearm and certain things that you may want to have a trained gunsmith work on rather than doing it yourself.

Lastly, keep it legal. Don’t build something in such a way that it would be deemed illegal (if you don’t like the laws in your state move). Make sure you go through your local FFL when you purchase your lower receiver. And, generally speaking, don’t be an idiot. You are building a firearm and you need to respect that fact.

 So, without any further delay, here is the list:

  1. Blemished Lower Receiver                                         $50 (PSA)
  2. Blackhawk! Lower Parts Kit                                       $30 (PSA)
  3. Blackhawk (Mil Spec) Buffer Tube Assembly           $30 (PSA)
  4. Blemished Upper Receiver                                          $40 (PSA)
  5. Upper Receiver Parts Kit (w/ barrel nut)                     $25 (PSA)
  6. PTAC Bolt Carrier Group (w/ Charging Handle)       $80 (PSA)
  7. 16” M4 Barrel (1:7 Twist)                                           $85 (SG)
  8. A2 Front Sight / Gas Block                                         $25 (PSA)
  9. A2 Flash Hider                                                            $8 (PSA)
  10. Carbine Length Gas Tube                                           $8 (PSA)
  11. Front Sight Post                                                           $8 (PSA)
  12. Carry Handle / Rear Sight                                           $20 (AM)
  13. M4 Hand Guard                                                           $10 (T)
  14. 30 Round Polymer Magazine (No Name)                   $6 (T)

For those of you keeping track that brings the total up to $425 compared to an off the rack rifle (new) which would cost you a minimum of $650 plus the additional tax put on complete firearms. This part list will complete the most basic of rifles but, if put together correctly, will function as good as or better than a basic AR that would cost you a minimum of $225 more. But, as I stated before, it takes patience both in waiting for the right price for parts but also in putting all the pieces together. It is not a complicated process but one that should be given your full attention.

However, be forewarned, I have seen people get carried away with their builds which is not that hard to do. Start with the basics. If you want to switch out parts later than go ahead. For now, you don’t need that $250 Geissele trigger in your first build. Keep it simple. Simple works. The last thing you want to do is build a FUBAR rifle.  

Finally, be a smart gun owner and support your right to own your firearm. Set aside time to train, enjoy, and appreciate what you have created in a safe and controlled environment. Know your rifle, become fluent in firearms safety, and make sure everything is locked up. And become a NRA member (or one of the following Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership). Pick one or pick them all just make sure you show your support. This is your responsibility.