Sunday, November 3, 2013

An Extra Hour

I'm starting this post in a random fashion by giving you the bird!

It may not be much to some and, in fact, it may be a hassle to others but having an extra hour this weekend has been a welcomed occurrence. Last year it was also a beneficial evening for a different reason as it meant an hour of overtime but this year it was simply a time for me to rest and the ability to get up an extra hour earlier this weekend.  Falling back was a means to fall back into a routine after a long and hectic week that had my body and mind divided between two completely different time zones.

However, weekends like this one can sometimes be the least productive times for me. After a particularly eventful week I am ready to just do nothing during my two day recuperation and that was exactly the rut that I fell into. I even put off writing this post until the very end of the day in the hope that I would turn the corner and get something done. But that was not happening and this weekend passed with only a short daytrip and a few blog posts written as the only things that were accomplished before a week that will consist mostly of making up for last week.

Even with an extra hour I still find myself asking where the day has gone. It seems like the hours, days, weeks, months seem to be going by so quickly that I am unable to keep up with them. Time and again I have to look at the calendar to make sure that it really is the day that I think it is or, as was the case a few days ago, that it really is November. Today, for instance, I found myself floored by the fact that I have been at my new job for just over a month now.

One more hour really doesn’t seem like much and over the course of the year it isn’t but for one day it allows us to fill that extra hour with whatever we want to do. Some of us sleep, some of us work, and some of us take the time to allow our minds to reset. Sometimes it is even a collection of all three. But this extra hour, like all hours, should not be taken for granted or forgotten. We may lose track of time but the memories and accomplishments contained in those minutes are what continues to reinvent our present. Today we got an hour of reinvention.