Monday, November 25, 2013

Embrace The Cold

First snow and a cup of coffee (2011).
While I did see some flurries earlier this month, tonight is the first night that it smells like snow. It’s not really a smell in the traditional sense, it is more like a lack of scent when the dry frigid air seems to flood your nostrils with the clean pure air of crystalized vapor. It is the kind of air that arrests your breath as soon as is passes across your lips.

It seems as if the spring, summer, and fall have all but disappeared into the past in a matter of moments rather than months leaving us with shock of a frozen world when we open our front door in the morning. The frost on the windows taunts us as if to say “I told you so, I told you I would be back.” The car seems hesitant to move as if woken up from a daily hibernation and unwilling to face the reality of daylight.

Midday offers some hope of relief as the sun warms our skin just enough to bring some comfort to our face just before the cool breeze rips across our cheeks. In what must be a slight of hand, the sky quickly turns dark long before the work day ends and the cold returns to dominate the world beyond the windows. By the end of the day it feels as though déjà vu has set in and our morning routine becomes our evening repetition.

But, for me, the sight of snow makes everything different. I don’t know why, but for some reason, the cold doesn’t seem as breathtaking and the wind doesn’t seem to bite as hard. Snow changes the world around us. Just like rain makes everything dreary, snow whitewashes the world as if to bring us a fresh start to the day, week, month, or year. Having the rough edges softened now and again calms the senses and eases the harshness that can sometimes be found in our surroundings.

I have lived in many different places and many different kinds of environments and I can say for certain that this happens everywhere not just in the Stars Hollow’s of the world. The scent of snow changes things and offers, for some of us, an eager anticipation while the sight of a winter blanket can make the ugliest view from the window something to look forward to and enjoyable to just watch. And, best of all, snow brings us together and allows us to huddle inside (or occasionally help one another outside) and enjoy the company of our loved ones.

It has the potential to make us slow down. Sometimes just for a few minutes and sometimes for days. But, most importantly, it changes our perspective and brings a different kind of appreciation to what we have, where we are, and the beauty that the weather can produce. It can be an amazing time of year if you let it so why not take the chance and embrace the cold.