Monday, July 7, 2014

And So It Begins

A friend of mine in Israel posted this on Facebook tonight:

“So, it's started. And it has a name. Operation Protective Edge or "צוק איתן". #bringit

And now, as I write, the planes are in the air, the rockets are flying into Israel, and I am sitting here is safety, holding my breath, waiting, hoping, and wishing there was something I could do. I am waiting for the rockets to be silenced, the sirens to cease their echoes, and the air to once again be still. I am waiting for the updates from friends, hoping that all are safe and not shaken too badly from the latest escalation.

I am waiting for the hatred to be posted to Facebook. The post by supposedly peace loving people who will inevitably condemn the fact that Israel is, once again, defending itself after a prolonged (I think too long) period of attacks against innocent people. It has happened before and I am sure that my friends list will shrink by at least a couple again this time around a well. They can do what they want... I know that I am in the right to support Israel and I don't understand how you can oppose the operation when I keep reading posts like this...
“Soroka hospital moving preemies and baby departments to bomb shelter.

Undoubtedly there will be heartbreaking stories and even some of the preparations that take place can be hard to read as, from my perspective here in the US, this is something that I do not experience. However, that small part of me, that Israeli part of me, understands the pain, humor, and heartbreak that is woven in the following statement: 
“There's snow days, hurricane days... in Israel we have rocket days. Tomorrow is a rocket day. People in the south check to see if you have school/university tomorrow before you go.

Of course, the pervasive emotion is anger. Anger at those murderers who served as the catalyst for this escalation, anger at hamas for seeking murder as a resolution, and anger at all those people and countries that hate us just for being who we are and for holding sacred the land which G-d has bestowed upon us. This is our land. How dare you bastardize history to serve your murderous ambitions!
While I am not a proponent of war… bring it! This has got to come to a resolution at some point and turning the other way while you fire rockets at women and children doesn’t seem to be working so… bring it! Mourning the defenseless that you have murdered and calling for the end to the violence obviously falls on deaf ears so… bring it! While Israel and the IDF have showed remarkable restraint in the past and have not occupied the terrorist territories, it is time to put an end to this, it is time to bring it!

*Thank you Laura Ben-David for keeping us all up to date. Stay safe!