Monday, October 28, 2013

Long Way To Go For A Waffle House

Today was a day when I couldn’t seem to get caught up. Once one thing was taken care of three other things popped up. It’s bad enough when you are going through a normal day but today was anything but normal. Today was running from one thing to another, from one place to another, and when I finally had hours to sit and work I wasn’t able.

Today is the day that I previously alluded to when I had something coming up that I promised I would write about and I will do just that but only a little bit for now. Come on, I don’t have many interesting things come up in my life so I am going to take my time and get at least a couple days out of it. Let’s just say that I am not writing this post in one of my usual spots at home where much of my writing gets done.

So things were a little hectic at the office earlier today all leading up to the mid afternoon when I kept running around and jumping from one project to the next trying to tie up loose ends before departing at 2:30. Thinking back I am pretty sure that I got everything done or handed over but I am sure I will wake up in the morning with an “oh crap” moment as I inevitably realize what I forgot to do. But, until then, I am going to keep thinking that everything is good to go and try and relax and rest up for tomorrow.

Needless to say, my 2:30 departure from the office didn’t happen until 3:00 which pretty much messed up my schedule and my wife’s schedule as she left work as early as possible. Fortunately, I made good time getting to the apartment and we managed to get everything in the car and got on the road by 4:00. Destination, Philadelphia International Airport.

Check in was easy as I simply scanned my confirmation and retrieved my boarding pass from the automated kiosk. Security was a little bit of a hassle but it also went smoothly as they didn’t hesitate with my bearded photo ID and I didn’t have to remove my camera from the carry on (that saved a good 5-10 minutes in itself). So, despite my tardy departure from the office, I arrive just in time to meet my boss at the gate at 5:00, one hour before takeoff. Time to get comfortable in the emergency exit row, spread out into the empty seat beside me, and have a quick conversation before going to sleep. That’s right, I got on a plane for the first time in over a year and the first time ever on a business trip.

It was a pretty good flight with the only exception being my dislike of landings and soon after arrival we were on our way to the rental car and on the road. First stop, Waffle House! Hey, it doesn’t have to be fancy to be good. It didn’t take long before we had our dinner in hand and we set off for a road picnic. So, where am I? You will just to read about it tomorrow.