Friday, October 11, 2013

Lincoln Stood Proud With His Party

Wednesday (yes, I'm late with this writeup) was another Commonwealth Club day but it was a little different this time around. It was nice walking into the room sure of myself and, for the first time since I joined, happy with my job. That factor really does permeate your life. If you doing like going to work it is going to be had to flick the switch when you go somewhere else.

And I will tell you it is a really good thing that I enjoy where I’m working again because I brought my new boss as my guest to the luncheon in the Lincoln Room at the Union League in Philadelphia. Can’t say that there were a lot of people at my previous PR firm that would have joined me in fact I can think of a couple who would have probably been standing outside with something written on a piece of poster board. But that is the past I am determined to enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

This is why I was particularly interested to hear State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi speak. In the midst of the shutdown what is happening on the state level is made more difficult and some of the important items are overlooked by the same people it would impact the most including the state budget. There are many other items that are being discussed that the people of this commonwealth should be taking note of. Pay attention to what is happening on the local level, that is where the immediate impact is going to come from.

We are in a good financial state where new jobs are streaming in. Believe me, I know what it’s like to not feel that is the case but the commonwealth’s job growth is indeed a reality. Fiscal responsibility on the state level is what has minimized the impact of the shutdown and will allow for a solvent state beyond the capabilities of many.

After a very nice lunch and some wonderful words from the guest and hosts alike, it was time to get up and mingle. It was time to circle up with acquaintances which are slowly becoming friends and to introduce my guest to those I have gotten to know this past year. As in the past, everyone has proven to be genuine and friendly regardless of the position, occupation, race, gender, activism, etc of the person with whom they were speaking. It really was a lunch spent in the city.

Now I will simply wait for the next meeting which should be a more convenient night meeting. I am curious to find out who the guest speaker will be as well as hear the recap of the elections which are approaching fast and will surely be before the next meeting. Until then I will continue to yell at the radio, shake my head at the television, and berate the newspaper.