Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Someone Get Me A Time Turner Or A Delorean

Look, a random Harry Potter reference!

While I have kept my calendar pretty full this past year somehow I have always able to find room for one more event, one more project, one more meeting (the only exception has been my regular Rotary lunch meeting but that was more of an inevitability rather than a possibility). Even my plans for next week were not impacted by the sudden addition of another item for next week. This week that streak came to an end when a conflict arose when I glanced at my schedule for this Saturday.

I wish that there was more time in the day so that I could do everything but that isn’t the reality of life. If anything it is only going to get harder as the days pass and I become more and more efficient in my daily routine(s). Even now, I find myself looking up at the time and wondering where the past two, three, or four hours have gone. It is astounding and a little disturbing to realize how quickly time has passed. It is also a pleasant surprise to find myself engrossed in my work without counting the minutes of the morning.

It makes me think about how many days, how much time, we spend counting the minutes of our lives just waiting for time to pass rather than focusing on the task(s) at hand. The past few years have had too many days and nights like that and I will do everything in my power to prevent a return to those kinds of moments. I am certain that there will be situations where that is inevitable but no one should have that feeling as a regular part of life.

Since May, this blog has provided those moments of respite when I could focus and write whatever came to mind without over-thinking an opinion or topic. However, sometimes over-thinking is exactly what I needed to do to keep my mind occupied and my fingers moving across the keys. It has been a means to keep busy and, even though there are many nights when I don’t know what I am going to write about until I am two paragraphs in (like you couldn’t tell), this is still a means of creative solace.

This blog will remain a part of that schedule that seems so much in flex at the moment but there are certainly things that are going to have to be removed. At this point I don’t know what is going to be cast into the pile of conflicting passions but I know that cuts are going to have to be made especially with the increasing responsibilities to my job, my lodge, and Rotary. I am going to try and avoid changes whenever possible but I know they are going to happen.

While my schedule may seem unmanageable to some, I enjoy it. I like having somewhere I have to be and something I have to get done. I need goals and objectives. This is what has kept me going in recent years and what continues to drive me today.

The only difference is that I enjoy every part of my day rather than just a few moments scattered throughout the week. In fact, while there are some conflicts that have arisen, there are still some gaps in the calendar that need to be filled. I guess it is time to get some things done and complete some projects that  I have been putting off lately (of course I will share them with you as they are in process or completed). In the end, a candle has two ends for a reason so why not burn both of them.

This is not the first Back to the Future reference. Not by a long shot.