Monday, May 9, 2016

Mortgage Monday: Yard Work

As the rain continued to fall off and on and the grass kept growing longer and longer, I finally found the time on Saturday to head over to the local Tractor Supply and pick out a tractor. There are a couple of other places closer to the house where I could have bought something but I decided to give a different retailer a try based on the recommendations of family members. Being that this was my first time at the store, it was an interesting experience seeing all that they have available on the shelves… the retailer is much more like a traditional hardware store than the giants that you commonly see from the highway like Lowe's or Home Depot. I prefer going here from now on. While I was there for a tractor this time around, it is nice to know that I can stop by the store (about 15 minutes away from the house) if I were to need other items.

It didn’t take long before I found the Cub Cadet that was recommended to me via text message last week and within a few minutes I was working with someone to figure out warranties and a means to have it delivered to the house…. I can fit a lot of stuff in the Jeep but a tractor is not one of them. It was during this conversation when I asked if they knew of any local landscapers who would be able to give me a head start. Thankfully, the woman with whom I was speaking had a name on hand, her landscaper, and, better yet, he would be able to pick up and deliver the tractor for me too (for free!).

On my way home, I left a message with the landscaper and by the end of the afternoon we had coordinated a time for the following afternoon to evaluate what needed to be done. And, yes, I checked with my wife to make sure it was okay for him to stop by on Mother’s Day. After walking around the property, we both agreed to a very reasonable price with work to start the following day. While the rain today has prevented us from making any progress, the work will be done this week.

While it is going to cost us a bit more, having a four man crew come in for two days and take care of everything is well worth the investment. I have no problem maintaining but I simply don’t have the time to catch up on the yard work. And, hopefully, we will have someone we can call moving forward should we need any additional landscaping or handyman work done in the future. For now, we are really looking forward to seeing the property cleaned up and seeing our son enjoying some more time outside.