Friday, May 20, 2016

Firearms Friday: Going Silent

Those of you hoping to read all about silencers are going to be highly disappointed. While they are legal in my state and I do plan on purchasing in the future, this post has nothing to do with those over regulated and wonderfully useful devices. I am actually talking about something completely different and a little beyond the norm for this series of rambling posts. This is an opportunity for me to talk about my first experiences with target shooting and the hope to return to that much simpler time.

While I was first introduced to firearms while in college thanks to my former ex-Navy Seal roommate, the majority of our time spend shooting targets wasn’t at the range… and it wasn’t with firearms. We did climb up the old ski slope every now and again with our 7mm Savage rifle and Beretta M9 but the majority of our time peering down the sights was on that of a few air pellet rifles and BB guns that we picked up at Wal-Mart. We decided to save a few pennies so that we could use those pennies for target practice… literally.

Most of those early moments pulling a trigger were along the rural highways of Vermont with pennies perched atop and embedded in a snow bank. It was hours of relaxing, and sometimes frustrating fun, taking aim, splitting copper, swapping out CO2 cartridges and generally having a good time with some interesting conversations in-between shots. There have been several moments over the years when I would pass a Wal-Mart and hesitate for just a second before continuing down the road.

Now that my wife and I have some space to enjoy the outdoors and we live in an area were people respect the right to so whatever you want on your property so long that its legal, I have been tempted to partake in some of the quieter alternatives to firearms. While there are a few neighbors that, from time to time, will take their rifles into the back yard, I want to at least be considerate should I find this to be a regular routine. It is with this in mind that I have been thinking about picking up an inexpensive air rifle or crossbow.

It would be nice to head out the back door, set up a target, and send a few quiet rounds across the property. After all, I can’t always get to the range despite several options located within 10 minutes of our house so that might be a means to keep my limited skills from becoming completely dull. Not to mention that it would simply be nice to return to a simpler time and enjoy not just being in front of a target again but, at the same time, remembering those first few shots that got me hooked into this hobby.