Tuesday, May 17, 2016

TMI Tuesday: DIY Baby

Next Project!
Our son has always had a fascination with texture and anything that seemed out of the ordinary. Basically, anything that catches his attention in one way or another is going to be examined closely and, in some cases, destroyed. It is our son’s natural curiosity that can sometimes get the best of him and there are occasions when you can tell that he has been checking things out when we weren’t looking.

While there have been instances of this before which started soon after he was born, he seems to have taken things to the next level in our new house and especially as his mobility has increased. It used to be that he would insist on staring at something to try and figure it out. This started with looking at mommy and daddy as he studied every line and gray hair that he was already starting induce. Later on he started using his sense of touch wanting to know what daddy’s beard felt like or nuzzle in the softness of mommy’s shirt. It was rather the adorable process.

Now, when he spots something out of place, he will scurry across the room to take a closer look and examine both how it looks and how it feels. Once this initial investigation comes to an end he tries to figure out a way to alter it. It is a trial and error process. Sometimes he will rub or pick at something without any effect while other times he is quite entertained by what he can accomplish in a short period of time.

There have been two instances in particular where his curiosity is evident on the walls of our home. The first started soon after we moved in when he first caught sight of the small flap of wallpaper starting to peel away from the drywall. Unfortunately, this small spot is in his playroom. While we have been pretty good about catching him when he gets that mischievous look in his eye, it only took one instance with our attention averted for our son to capitalize on the opportunity and start one of our many projects a little early. At least that small flap is gone now.

The other example surprised us both. We has previously secured the video monitor on the wall above his crib with Velcro and the wire heading to the outlet with staples and duct tape. Classy but effective… at least that is what we thought. One morning many of those staples (all of which we recovered later) were pulled from the wall and the cord was turned into a toy dangling just outside of his crib. Other mornings we caught him a little earlier with only the tape having been partially peeled back. Needless to say, we moved his crib so the cord is now out of reach.

In each of these instances he seems to give me this look of sly confidence that seems to say “Daddy, I took the liberty of destroying the house while you were out”. While minor annoyances, in the end he could be getting into much worse things and I am certain that will be the case in the future. If only he would stop growing so fast… it is sometimes hard to keep up especially since he is sometimes too smart for his own good. With that in mind, I am certain that there are things that we have yet to uncover.