Monday, May 16, 2016

Mortgage Monday: The Next Purchases

Another purchase down and many more to go... 
Now that the lawn has been taken care of and the property is in a state where we can actually enjoy some time outside it is time to start looking for all the other things that we previously avoided. While there was some outdoor space at our last rental we pretty much didn’t spend any significant time outside on the small patio and opted to take advantage of the spaces maintained by the homeowners association. Of course, we didn’t really have the time to plan anything especially since we considered that place a stopgap.

While we previously bought a tractor and already had a few other items necessary to maintain the property (i.e. snow blower, rakes, trailer for the tractor, leaf blower, etc.) we have still been needing a few other things to round out the tool shed. And thanks to a $100 refund on the tractor, we did cover a few of those things by picking up a weed eater and other small items. However, that is only a small part of the long list of things that we need for our outdoor space. Thankfully, the other items are more about relaxation rather than work.

Having purchased a lot of furniture late last year just prior to settlement I am not really looking forward to buying any more but that is the situation that we are in now. Thankfully, this is a much smaller endeavor this time around as we are looking for something to complete the patio. While we have one adirondack chair out there now for relaxing and we will be purchasing another shortly, we need to find a decent table and chairs that is also toddler friendly. We did take a quick look at a few things this past weekend but didn’t end up buying anything… some of the options at the big retailers are really expensive!

This is going to be one of those searches that both needs to get done rather quickly but that is also going to require some online investigation and, possibly, some trips to various consignment stores and thrift shops. It all comes down to finding some outdoor furniture that will allow us to enjoy the outdoor space that we now have while, at the same time, keeping it budget friendly. After all, we have had a lot of expected and unexpected costs lately and we want to retain some semblance of financial sanity. This is not an unmanageable task and we are all looking forward to making the outdoors part of our home.