Monday, May 2, 2016

Mortgage Monday: The Work Never Ends!

Or Both!
 While it has always been a constant project on our list of things to do, now that we own our own home, cleaning is something that I try to put greater emphasis on. And with so much more room than we have previously had in rentals, there is a lot of cleaning to do. It is a never ending list of things that need to be scrubbed, swept, washed, or rinsed. And that is just the things on the inside of the house.

Now that we have some property (and no management company), there is a lot of yard work that has yet to be done. While I should have taken care of many of these things immediately after settlement, it was a project that was quickly put on the back burner once the temperature got colder and the snow began to fall. After all, nothing like a fresh blanket of white to hide all the leaves still covering most of the planting beds.

We have been pretty good about keeping the interior of the house in relative order (organization is still lacking) but, now that the weather has turned warmer once again, all of the things that we have been putting off in the yard have to be addressed and, at this point, we are ill prepared to tackle the task. The first step is going to be buying a tractor and a better rake or leaf blower. After that it is all about setting aside the time to get things done.

However, the more I think about many of these things, the more I find myself considering hiring a cleaning and/or yard service company to take care of all these tasks. While it would undoubtedly add an additional line item on our budget, it may be worth the money so that we can spend more time with our son. After all, our schedules are still quite a bit hectic and blocking off another brick of time would be less than ideal. Definitely something to consider.

While the extra time and effort has been inconvenient at times, it is still well worth it as we are taking care of a place that we own rather than someone else’s property. It is important to remember that there are great things about being a homeowner and they definitely outweigh, by a large margin, the inconveniences, but it is not a utopian dream. There is work that comes with home ownership and also a sense of pride in caring for your property. Sometimes, though, you just have to figure out the best way to balance everything and we are definitely still working on that aspect.