Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dividing Time

Each week I have the same debate in my mind of whether or not I am going to drive to the lode after work. Honestly, it is getting more and more difficult to dedicate the time during the week after a long day at the office as it is also a long day away from my wife and son. This has been particularly true as of late since I have been wanting to get home as soon as possible and hold my baby boy before he gets too fussy and heads off to bed.

When I get home each night that is pretty much my routine… put everything down, forget (as much as I can) about work, and spend some time with our child. This is both how I like to spend the early part of the evening and what my wife needs at the end of the day… a short break to do the important things like eat. While it has become part of daily life, it is still a surreal experience every time I walk through the door and see him.

It is a new routine that we are still working on and we probably won’t find the right mix until he is ready to move out. While my work hours are going down a little bit this month, there are still other things that have to get done and projects that I have to catch up on. If only I didn’t have to sleep every night I might be able to keep everything on track. I guess it is just a matter of finding the right balance… eventually.  

Thankfully, most of the people in my life understand the directions that I am pulled in on a regular basis and know full well the importance of family. This is especially true when I have a chance to talk with many of the brothers at the lodge. This is also why I am looking forward to him getting just a little older so I can bring him along to some of the family events and take road trips as a family to the occasional meeting on the other side of the commonwealth.

Balance is what is needed to properly measure our days. Maybe then my mind will stop wandering from place to place and from task to task. But, until that time, I am going to keep pushing forward and spending as much time as possible with my family and as little time as possible being unproductive. I am sure that things will, eventually, work themselves out.