Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thoughts While Preparing For The Next Meeting

For the past couple of weeks I had been fretting a bit not knowing if I could work through the long list of tasks that needed to be accomplished before the stated meeting. Of course, I didn’t help myself out by forgetting to take care of a few things earlier in the year. However, somehow everything seems to be coming together and I should be able to breathe a little easier heading into next week.

This isn’t to say that everything is done. As any lodge secretary can attest, there is still a mountain of work, tasks to be checked off, phone calls to be made, and general logistics planned out before the official visitation takes place. It is both a stressful time and also a highly enjoyable time of year. The latter usually occurring once the meeting is concluded and a minimal amount of complaints are fielded at my desk once everyone is walking abut afterward.

I will say that it is a much better feeling having this particular meeting take place in the spring rather than the fall as it did last year. It is a push to coordinate the night and afterward there is a feeling that we all need a break. With only one more meeting following this one before we go dark for the summer, this is the best timing that we could have to keep all of us going for the rest of the year.

So, with much of what has to be taken care of now out of the way, I am finally able to turn my attention to a number of lingering items that seem to never get crossed off of the list. While a week isn’t a lot of time, it should be enough to get these things finally removed to free up the space for countless others to take their place. However, hopefully a new routine in the coming months will alleviate some of the delays that have been hounding me so far this year.

It is interesting to think about all these things from the perspective of the office I hold at the lodge because when I step back for just a second it hits me that this whole process is still new to me. I have only been a Mason for two years… two years and two days to be exact. I am still taken back by how things have changed over that time and how much I have been fortunate enough to be a part of during that time.

I knew very little when I joined the one day class at LuLu Shrine in the spring of 2013 only having been able to talk to a few brothers at length and enjoying the fact that my uncle was able to welcome me as a brother. Now I find myself welcoming new brothers with the same love that was shown to me during those initial months and one day experience. This fraternity and this office are part of my life, my routine, and a huge part of my early masonic experience. It is drastically different from the experiences of many but I wouldn’t change a thing.