Monday, April 13, 2015

Taxes Done?

The past couple of years have made me dread this particular day on the calendar. Having received hefty bills from the federal government and not enough funds to cover the costs, we have filed extensions. Seems like this is the time of year when everyone does some spring cleaning especially the government which likes to clean out your bank account. This year, we have the funds to pay what I am certain will be a ridiculous amount but don’t have the time to pull everything together. The extension streak is alive and now in its third year.

We were actually keeping things organized for much of 2014. This was in large part due to having to pull together all the documents in early fall before that extension ended. It was rather easy to put some of those items aside in a folder designated for the current year. Yep, things were pretty organized by the time December came around.

It really is amazing how cluttered things can get when you move from one place to another. Not the space in which we were living but in the individual boxes where all of our papers and documents were relegated. All of the organized folders seem to blend together in a pile of muddled ink... this reminds me, we have to set aside those receipts from the move. This is only accentuated by the fact that all of the tax forms arrived the following month so now what was once consolidated into one place is now in a few places waiting to be collected again.

Normally it wouldn’t be a problem pulling things together as in the past I have had time to do it. And that is the key. February and March were, to say the least, busy months. With all the hours that I have put in at the office and doing my best to protect the time that I have with my son, there are few minutes remaining during the day when I can take care of all these other projects that keep building up. Time is not being kind at the moment.

It doesn’t help that the days seem to be evaporating before us. Just as we get ready to plan for one thing or another, the pages of the calendar have turned and the time we once had was gone. Other things seem to pop up now and again as well chipping away at the days when we thought we would have a chance to catch our breath. But, as we have done many times over, we will find the time to get the taxes done and hold our breath waiting to hear the final total… hopefully the news will allow us to breathe afterward.