Sunday, September 7, 2014

Distractions On The Screen

As was mentioned in a previous post, we were discussion what some of our favorite movies are in the office this past week. It came about from the simple fact that there are a few people in the office that had not seen what many of us thought were some of the better movies. So, with that in mind the mass email was sent to see what movies everyone considered ‘must watch’ options. Not necessarily the best movies ever made but the ones that we thought everyone should view at least once.

For me, having watched too much television and seen too many movies in my life, this was a particularly difficult task. Actually, many of the movies I first thought of are the ones that inevitably steal hours from me when I can’t help myself from watching them. The original email sent out asked us to list our top ten and that was quickly becoming an impossibility after about ten seconds of consideration. So, instead of sticking within the numeric confines, I pulled together a much longer list. Despite its length it comprised about 5-10 minutes of thought.

Many of the movies on my list are simply great movies and are recognized as such by countless top movies ever made or award winning films lists. Others are not as obvious but because I can’t help but watch at least 10 minutes of the movie when I am skimming through channels I had to put them on the list. And there are others, this is where many of the historical and documentary movies come in, that tell a story that should be heard.

So, here in no particular order is the 100 movies that, for one reason or another, I think that people should watch. Actually, that’s not true. I have put the movies in a very rough four tier system with every 25 or so movies in a rough groups (they are color coded below).

1.      Gettysburg
2.      Schindler’s List
3.      My Life
4.      Fargo
5.      Rudy
6.      Quiz Show
7.      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
8.      The Departed
9.      National Treasure
10.  Super Troopers
11.  Talented Mr. Ripley
12.  The Chosen
13.  Hitler’s Children
14.  Good Will Hunting
15.  Saving Private Ryan
16.  All The President’s Men
17.  The War Room
18.  Heat
19.  Holy Land Hardball
20.  You’ve Got Mail
21.  84 Charring Cross Road
22.  The Good Shepherd
23.  Chaplin
24.  Uprising
25.  Patton
26.  Wag the Dog
27.  Arthur
28.  Gravity
29.  Righteous Kill
30.  RED
31.  Bourne Identity
32.  Forrest Gump
33.  Sideways
34.  A Beautiful Mind
35.  Yentl
36.  Munich
37.  Rocky
38.  Catch Me If You Can
39.  Cabaret
40.  Defending Your Life
41.  Wall Street
42.  Back to the Future
43.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding
44.  Serpico
45.  Office Space
46.  Apt Pupil
47.  There Will Be Blood
48.  American History X
49.  Groundhog Day
50.  Deconstructing Harry
51.  Sarah’s Key
52.  Somewhere In Time
53.  Open Range
54.  TAPS
55.  Argo
56.  Gandhi
57.  A Few Good Men
58.  JFK
59.  Silence of the Lambs
60.  Dances with Wolves
61.  The Grey Zone
62.  The Dark Knight
63.  Gladiator
64.  Raiders of the Lost Ark
65.  Citizen Kane
66.  Au Revoir Les Enfants
67.  Gangs of New York
68.  Titanic
69.  Star Wars
70.  Fiddler on the Roof
71.  Stand By Me
72.  Wizard of Oz
73.  Goodfellas
74.  The Godfather
75.  Life Is Beautiful
76.  Paper Clips
77.  Braveheart
78.  Shawshank Redemption
79.  The Fugitive
80.  Unforgiven
81.  Scent of a Woman
82.  Awakenings
83.  Dead Poets Society
84.  The Sixth Sense
85.  National Lampoon’s Vacation
86.  Ghostbusters
87.  Monty Python’s Meaning of Life
88.  What Dreams May Come
89.  Hunt For Red October
90.  Glory
91.  Top Gun
92.  Interview with a Vampire
93.  Seven
94.  Limitless
95.  Major League
96.  The Aviator
97.  Police Academy
98.  Glengarry Glen Ross
99.  Bella
100.                      Any Given Sunday

Well, that is the list that I have now. It will certainly change as I put more thought to it and, in fact, it has changed several times from when I started writing this post until now. While I may have cut them or have yet to think of them, what movies are missing from this list? What are some of your favorites and/or the ones you can’t help but watch whenever you see come across it when channel surfing? And, of course, what movies would you eliminate from the list above? Make your own list and maybe do the same thing in your office. Who knows, you may have a movie or two in common as I found out with a few of my colleagues.

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