Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Liberal Dose Of Crazy Outside Our Door

I walked out of our apartment today and immediately noticed the car parked in front of me leaving little room for me to walk passed. After mumbling a few choice words about visitors parking in resident spaces and the specific orifice they resemble, I began reading the collage of stickers blanketing the front bumper. As I read this brilliant little snippets of mental flatulence it seemed as though the breeze carried a faint wisp of patchouli. With my curiosity piqued, I had to see what was plastered on the back of this tiny car.

Well, I can’t say that I agreed with everything that was being pitched on this mobile billboard but what really got me is just how blatantly liberal and uncompromising a simple car can be. Additionally, the contrary nature of the views expressed demonstrate a lack of follow through with their own thoughts. While I wish I had also gotten a picture of the front bumper, the basic gist of it was contrary to those stickers on the back… the two that I specifically recall are the pro-choice and supporting the rights of all people.

You read that correctly and probably reacted the same way. The same person that preaches peace and pro-life on the back supports abortion on the front. The same person that supports the rights of all people on the front is happy to strip the individual right to bear arms on the back. It is not even a matter of voicing an opinion it is the fact that they don’t know what opinion they have… there is even a bumper sticker on top of a bumper sticker.

Now I am not a stranger to having things stuck to my car but I am very conservative (in more ways than one) about what I have displayed. I have a couple Masonic symbols on the back of my trunk along with a Philly Friendship Circle magnet, a NRA sticker and college stickers in my back window (on the edges so that my field of view is not obscured) and a Rotary sticker in my back side window. Honestly, I think my little collection is pushing it but this lady (as I found out later that the owner was actually a female hippie) took it to a whole different level.

I can and will stand behind everything that I stick to my car and I feel they are consistent with my views and beliefs… they represent one voice. Many believe that your car says a lot about you and, to a certain extent, I can support that theory. But that isn’t always the case anymore… while Herbie may have been a VW Beetle it is obvious that times have changed, now we have Sybil the Honda Fit. I think that may be the perfect bumper sticker for that little car.