Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Make The Time To Sign A Bible!

Upon receiving my third degree, I went around to all the officers and had them sign on the appropriate line in my Masonic Bible. We all share this same experience and it carries with it great meaning and a tremendous sense of accomplishment. It is a record that we will hand down for generations.

While I haven’t been a member of the brotherhood for very long, I have had the privilege of having been on the other side of this tradition as well. It is a different feeling when you are the one signing your name. However, I consider it a great honor not just to fill in as an officer during a conferral but to have my name as a part of someone’s family history.

As you continuing enjoying your summer (hopefully taking some of my previous points into consideration) and begin to plan for the fall, I ask that you set aside some time every month (every week if possible) and participate in as many conferrals possible. This is particularly important to new members as it builds experience and brotherhood within the lodge. These are the moments that truly bridge the generational gap not only due to the diversity of those entering the craft but also as witnesses to the transformation that we all experienced.

Be there to help your new brother rise. Take this time and embrace it as it can also help you stay upright and remind you of your commitment. The light may be new to some but it shines on all of us and its radiance is never brighter than during this momentous time as a man becomes a Mason.