Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mason Vacation?

During the months of July and August we all, like many of the basic cable TV networks, take a break from our regularly scheduled programming. As the heat of summer increases we take some time off to spend time with family. But what about our fraternal family?

Even though we are away from the lodge for a couple of months doesn’t mean we should distance ourselves from our brothers. In fact, this should be a time when we reach out to those whom we have not seen for some time and those that may be suspended. We should take advantage of this time of year to bring the lodge together and strengthen the brotherhood.

As many of you know, brothers new to the fraternity have an opportunity in their first year to demonstrate their commitment, leadership, and passion for Freemasonry. One of the requirements outlined is for them to assist the Lodge Secretary in reaching out to members who are in danger of being suspended. Having new members conduct this outreach with their Masonic motivation still fresh in their mind is a great way to motivate absent members who may have lost sight of why they made the transition from man to Mason. Of course, this outreach should also be expanded to those who have already been suspended.

An additional, and optional, requirement is for new Masons to reach out to brothers who have, for whatever reason, not been to lodge in the last six months. Maybe a brother has lost his Masonic light. Maybe they just needed to make the time and needed a little extra push to attend. In my opinion, and I am sure this is shared by many of my fellow brothers, that these are all brothers in need and within the length of a cable tow making it our duty to help them in any way we can.

Also keep in mind that summer is a time when people move. Keep an ear open to any brothers that may be new to the area, reach out to them, and introduce them to other brothers in the area. Let them know that fraternity has no boarders.

Another focus for all Brothers during this break in the Masonic year should be education. We must all do what we can to increase our Masonic knowledge. Whether you are looking to go through the chairs, earn additional degrees, or simply want to increase your knowledge this is an optimal time to sharpen your mind and prepare for when meetings resume.

Lastly, I encourage you spend time with other brothers outside of the lodge during these next two months. Get a group together for a happy hour. Create a fellowship event (maybe include some of the aforementioned suggestions). Bring your families together for dinner or some kind of family friendly activity such as a baseball game, movie, museum, or a day trip to the beach.

Remember, fraternity is not limited by the walls of a lodge.    

What are your plans for a Masonic summer?