Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Any Phillies Phans Out There?

Yes, I still have my Jim Thome jersey from 2003.

In recent years I have lost touch with my passion for baseball and, in particular, the Phillies. I have been a phan my entire life, through good years and bad, during seasons of victory and times of collapse, I have never wavered in my support. I used to watch most of the games on TV and go to a hand full of games a year but, lately, I have not been keeping track of the games, the players, or the standings. 

One way for me to remedy that problem is to write about it so I am starting another blog where I will post summaries of games played, the pitching match ups for the next game, trades and transactions with some other random information sprinkled throughout. I am going to try and keep it simple to start and see how that goes for a while. I might even miss a game or two. GASP!

The new blog, Getting Your Phil, can be found at As you may have already noticed on my social media accounts, I have already started posting. That is also why much of the content in this post may seem familiar. Almost like Déjà vu allover again!

Overall, I will try to post regularly (even during the off season). Sometimes it may be a simple link to an interesting article, a random stat, or a surprise post which may be a little longer. Who knows. All I have at this point is a schedule and an interest to reeducate myself.

Something to keep in mind as this blog gets off the ground (low flying as it may be) is that this is a blog that will be full of home runs, errors, and everything in between not just in the box score but also in the writing. The focus is going to be more on the information rather than the way it is conveyed.

Now that the foundation has been poured I am curious to know what you are interested in reading about. Favorite players? Memorable seasons? Classic Calls? Maybe you are interested in reading about something beyond the box score (but still Phillies related). Let me know what piques your interest and I will do my best to satiate the current focus of your Phillies fascination or, if you would like to share your opinion/experience, I would be happy to consider a guest post.

Enough of the jabbering, let’s play ball!