Friday, July 5, 2013

Never Settle For Disappointment

My Rotary week started off on a high point as I was looking forward to representing my club on The 4th of July in the parade in Center City Philadelphia. However, that anticipation was soon extinguished as district participation in the parade was cancelled due to not enough people registering for the event. I guess I can add this to my list of goals for next year to rally my club and the clubs in the district to participate. I choose to look forward to next year at this point.

Wednesday quickly rolled around and I was at Aldar Bistro for our regular meeting. I guess you could say that this was both a high point and a low point as I was happy that we had a great meeting and we were able to talk a bit more in depth about the recent transition but the disappointing part was that we were a small group of three. Great company, great discussion, poor turnout; I guess Wednesday could be considered a wash.

Independence Day was a great day, as it is every year, but also in a Rotary sense as well. My wife and I started our day (we slept in quite a bit) by heading into Narberth and selling popcorn at the town carnival to benefit the club. We only signed up for a two hour ‘shift’ but I really don’t know where the time went even with a temperamental popcorn cart. It was a great event that I look forward to repeating next year after the parade.

Later that evening as I was finishing writing my last post and listening to the sounds of fireworks reverberating off the neighboring apartment building I received a message from a fellow Rotarian I met at a district event some time ago and with whom I have stayed in touch had read my Sons of the American Revolution blog post on Wednesday and wanted to connect me with someone who could help with the genealogy research. This is excellent news not just for me but for my family as we are all looking forward to learning more and taking this final step of solidifying and verifying this research. I am looking forward to exploring all six lines further and updating my relatives.

So, overall, it could have been a better week but I am content with the Rotary activity this week. What started with a little disappointment was quickly followed by great fellowship on Wednesday and satisfying service and an unexpected camaraderie on Thursday. I would say that is a pretty good week that I wouldn’t mind repeating every week.