Saturday, July 13, 2013

FU Peace?

The quote for this week is not a matter of words it is something a little different. Earlier this week I saw a photo posted on Facebook and I immediately commented with the following, "That's a bit of a mixed message when the person at the top is giving you the finger." It's one of those pictures that just sticks with you and makes you think a little too much. Well, maybe that's just me but thinking too much is how I am able to blog on a regular basis. 

Cultural differences are one of the things that makes us each unique but sometimes there are little things that miss the mark when translated. Sometimes a very pleasant picture can be accented but a distinct gesture as is the case in the humorous photo above. It is a wonderful sentiment with a unique twist.

But, you know what, sometimes you have to say FU Peace… like when “Palestine” says that they are a “peaceful” nation that is being victimized by Israel. Along those same lines, the same can be said regarding the UN. Additionally some of the positions that this body has adopted have been, in the long run, against peace. Sometimes the big FU from the UN leaves you asking WTF you SOB?

Contrary to reality, this picture is nothing more than a miscommunication between cultures. That finger is not a universal symbol contrary to what many western countries would have you believe. This is simply an innocent picture with a strong punctuation. Or is it?