Sunday, July 14, 2013

Coffee Is My Friend

This is the 50th blog that I have posted since beginning this stream of rambling in May. It’s the golden anniversary. Of course the only thing golden on this blog is when I piss people off.

So far, I have already been asked numerous times about how I am able to post every day and the answer is very simple… I am full of crap and I’m willing to share it with everyone what cares to have a sniff. This isn’t a government health care bill, this blog is very simple. I’m just recording what rattles around in my head before it has a chance to escape.

This blog is my everyday life, the boring and the interesting (at least to me), the random thoughts, the observations of things happening around me. Fueled by coffee (lots and lots of coffee) and a time card, I have been writing posts in the middle of the night while all sane people are asleep. Sometimes I get a random thought or two and it makes its way to my fingers while other times I can look at a blank page off and on for hours.

All it takes is some determination and a commitment to write no matter how many or how few read a post. For me, if I try to write for a specific audience nothing happens but if I just write and let life dictate the prose I don’t have a problem. As I like to say, it’s fine to have your head in your rear as long as it’s out of the way of your writing. Basically, apply the same rules that a politician applies when speaking to a large crowd.

But, overall, have fun. Entertain yourself and everything else will fall into place. Bring some balance to your day by blogging.