Thursday, November 5, 2015

Last Day at Double Three

It has been quite the year and now, on my last day at double three, it is amazing how fast and slow the past twelve months have been. Every year I can’t help but ask myself whether this is where I was hoping to be at this stage in my life. There are always some great things that result in a resounding yes and there are also some things when, if I take an honest look at them, I am lead to another question asking myself why those things weren’t achieved in previous years.

This year, I am probably the most content than I have ever been. There have been some great things that have happened lately and there are things for which I am very excited on the horizon. Most importantly, I am able to celebrate my change in demographic for the first time as a father. With all of the bad things that have happened over the past year this fact, by far, outweighs all the sadness, anger, and disappointment. This present from my son is the best gift that I have ever received.

With so much having happened over the past couple of years I am thankful that I have been able to stick with this blog. Being able to revisit and remember those good moments has been a tremendous tool during the tough times. While I may have been writing the posts, the gift that my wife has given me is truly what has made this possible. She has allowed me the time and energy to focus on these words and given me the ability to remember life, in detail, no matter if it was a good day, bad day, happy or sad moment. She has given me the space and the time to continue with this project and that is a gift that I can never fully show my appreciation for.

Maybe the biggest difference between this and all previous years is that I have gained a greater appreciation for all the intricacies of life and I have been given a completely different perspective of the world. Most importantly, I have been able to really focus on what matters and not put my stock in about what other people think. I will continue to love, protect, and do what I think is best for my family… don’t get in my way. I have my views and am happy to discuss them with people but damn me for them and I will write you off. There are more important things in life to which I will continue to devote my time, attention, and energy.

This is what made this past year a good one. It could have been great had some things not happened but we can’t change that. Maybe by the time I hit the residential speed limit next year, I can look back and see that this, the year to come, was a great one. Good bye double three, I wish we had more time together but I am also glad to see you go!