Friday, November 20, 2015

Firearms Friday: Finding Local Stores And Ranges

No matter where we have lived in recent years one of the first things that I have done is try to find the local gun shops and ranges in the area. While this was a rather fruitless endeavor in the past when we lived in Bala Cynwyd, the ease with which I am able to find these places has drastically improved in subsequent moves. Our last rental did provide me with some hope as there were a few places within an easy 20 minute drive but I quickly found that either prices were exorbitant at the local chain store or the selection was lacking and the, hole in the wall, mom and pop shop.

Now that we have finally been able to settle into our new home, this task has been rather easy as there is a bounty of options within about a 20 minute drive from our house. Of course, I have yet to visit these places so I cannot speak to the quality of selection or the prices that can be found in the area but given the sheer number of shops I don’t expect this to be an issue. Given my experiences at one of the shops just beyond this search area, in Elizabethtown, the search should provide an interesting mix of both large and small stores with both prices and selection varying across the area.

And that is just the buying side of things… finding a range is even easier. Put it this way, we are not on the Main Line anymore. I haven’t even started looking for a place to practice and I already know of about a half dozen places where I can enjoy this relaxing hobby. I was able to spot all of these places during our explorations of the area over the past couple of years. Literally, no effort in finding these places.

So, in addition to reporting on some of the discoveries and experiences in the local shops and at the ranges in the area, I will be able to compile a list of the good spots to go and the ones where the first visit will likely be my last. With that said, when it comes to price, these places still have a lot to live up to having been spoiled over the years by the deals found at Tanner’s Sports Center. Local is easier but, in the end, sometime you want to go where everybody knows your name… at least until that is the case at the local shop.