Friday, November 6, 2015

Firearms Friday: Reacquiring

I previously wrote about firearms wish lists last month and while this post is quite similar it is also different in its specificity. We all have those lists we keep, regardless of what the collection may be, of those items we wish to acquire at some point in the future. Sometimes those items are obtainable while others are of the good fortune variety that require a significant influx of cash in order to make those acquisitions feasible. This particular list definitely falls into the former category as at one point in time I owned each of the firearms listed below.

There are various reasons why I decided to let some of these go and there are plenty of firearms that are not included for one reason or another. What it really comes down to is what I would like to take to the range again and what performed well for me in the past. Nothing outrageous is included and they are all readily obtainable but, at the moment, it is not the time to be buying. Now, before I go further, I will let you know that today is my birthday so if you are looking for a gift idea feel free to cross something off.

There have been three Sig Sauer firearms that are no longer stored in my safe: P238, P938, P226 MK25. They were all great performers on the range even for someone such as myself who is not the most accurate. The quality on each of these handguns is superb with accuracy and reliability living up to the Sig Sauer name. While the P238 is much further down on the list due to its caliber, I would welcome an opportunity to bring back the other two if given the opportunity.

I have always been a huge fan of Smith & Wesson from the moment I purchase my first handgun (a well-used 910). When I sold that first handgun I ‘upgraded’ to a new SD9 which was later replaced, naturally, with the M&P 9. If anything, I would like to reacquire the SD9 for nostalgia as it was with this firearm that I really learned how to shoot. During this time I also came to own a 39-2 which had, by far, one of the best triggers that I have ever experienced. This is definitely one that I regret letting go because of both how great the gun was and for the simple fact that I can’t really find any in as good a shape as the one I previously owned.

The next two are the outliers. I have always been a big fan of Kahr Arms (more so now that they are manufacturing in Pennsylvania) and the CW9 proved to be a perfect concealed carry option given its medium sized single stack frame. It helps that the trigger and accuracy are exceptional as well. The CM9 is great but that little extra grip surface does make a big difference. The last on this list is the H&K USP9. While definitely not as exceptional at the P30, the USP model still exemplifies the exceptional H&K build quality, accuracy, and reliability. This one may take some time to reacquire as it might be the hardest to justify given the presence of the aforementioned P30.

Anyone who has enjoyed this sport for any length of time has a similar list floating around somewhere. It may not be the fanciest collection of names or models but, for one reason or another, it is the one that we look forward to completing the most. Maybe one day I can check a few off of this list and hopefully that doesn’t mean that I would have to add one at the same time.