Monday, August 10, 2015

Let The Hunt Begin… Again!

It is bitter sweet, to say the least, that we are able to resume this search. Frankly, I wish we weren’t in the position to do so. But things have changed over the past couple of years and we are now, once again, on the hunt for a new home and this time we are not looking at rentals. This time we are looking for a house that we can look forward to coming home to for many years.

The past few years, while incredibly difficult for a variety of reasons at times, have helped us to figure out what is truly important to us in a home and where would be the best place for us to live. There have been a variety of towns and communities in which we have lived and also looked for places and now it seems as though we are finally figuring things out. While I am not going to disclose exactly where we have decided to look I will say that it will be a short commute for my wife and a pleasant drive for me.

In the past we have always looked at places that worked for us, that could serve us well for where we were at that moment in life. There was consideration for the future but when renting that really isn’t much of a consideration. Now we find ourselves taking a closer look at school districts and what would be best for our family. Our wish list or ideal home list was long before, now it is getting a little longer.

And that is what it really comes down to… what is going to be the best place for all of us? My wife and I want the security of a home and we want our son to feel the same way. We each have a long history of places where we have lived and we have learned from each one of those stops along the way. We are finally in a position where we know what we want and where we hope to find it.

All we have to do at this point is find that perfect listing at the right price point and get the paperwork started. Essentially, now is when the real work begins. You can search all you want but sometimes you have to dig to find that perfect property, that home among the houses, the place where our family can grow, and the soil where our roots will take hold. Wish us luck because, given our list, we are going to need it!