Friday, August 7, 2015

Firearms Friday: Sometimes You Just Need A Rifle

When on the range you sometimes get the weirdest songs stuck in your head playing against the staccato of rounds being sent toward dozens of targets. It is the sound of this muffled music when we sometimes think of our favorite things as it is common to look around and voice your own internal opinion of some of the firearms with which people are practicing. While I usually pay more attention to the handguns that I pass, this week I am going to focus on the rifles that I have enjoyed over the years.

Keep in mind, I have never been much of a rifle shooter as my preference has always been and still remains in handguns. However, there are exceptions to every rule and there are a few rifles that I enjoy taking to the range whenever I get a chance. Some old, some new. Some ready to go out of the box, some with modifications, and other built from the ground up. Here are some of the long guns that I particularly enjoy taking to the range.

Some people prefer the AK platform while others prefer the AR platform. While I have nothing against the former I am firmly falling in the latter with regard to my own personal enjoyment. In addition to the functionality and ability to personalize the firearm, it is a great feeling when you can build something from parts, customize it, and take it to the range as a fully functional and comfortable firearm. While there may be other similar builds on the range, you have something that was built for you. And, if you see something you like on someone else’s AR, you can easily change your own rifle.

The AR is something that you can shoot all day at the range given the minimal recoil but sometimes you just need to be kicked in the shoulder. However, I want to still maintain some semblance of a budget. This is where the Nosin Nagant comes in. This Russian military surplus rifle is an inexpensive way to get kicked at the range. While there are some people out there who do modify these rifles, I enjoy the simplicity of the platform (rough edges and all).

Finally, sometimes you just want to shoot all day and not have a big dent in your wallet. The Ruger 10/22 provides a great balance of training and just good old fun on the range. 22LR is still inexpensive and the Ruger provides a reliable semi-automatic platform that will just keep going. However, while the rounds are more expensive I prefer the 17HMR so this could be replaced on my list if I am ever able to test out the Savage A17.   

Obviously, nothing groundbreaking and no surprises but it is sometimes fun to think about what you enjoy taking to the range and why you enjoy looking down the sights. With that said, next week’s handgun post on the same topic is something I really have to think about… so many choices with such limited space. For now, what are your favorite rifles to take to the range?